Homecare prices

We have no set up fees, it’s easy to cancel the service and we have the same price rate for weekend and evening calls.

Length of homecare call Charge
30 minutes£17.45
45 minutes£20.12
60 minutes£26.31
90 minutes£36.00
Wholesome, home-cooked lunch & dessert delivered to your home and served by one of our carers£22.45

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day charged at double rate and other Public Bank holidays charged at time and a half (our services may be limited or cancelled all together on bank holidays).

We are free of Covid-19. We test our residents and staff every week using the rapid-test and the more accurate PCR test. Our staff are fully trained in infection control. We abide by strict infection prevention protocols, including the use of PPE and disinfection. 


We are currently taking on new clients.