Day care

Spend the day being pampered by us

Enjoy companionship and the finest service in the comforts of our beautiful home.

For just £59, our 10-hour day care session includes all meals, tea & home-made cake, daily activities and drinks from our in-house pub.  

Whilst with us, we can arrange for you to have your hair done, enjoy a nice bath and even have a chiropody treatment.

We can also arrange for one of our carer’s to pick you up and drop you back home.

Group of elderly people eating dinner.
Happy elderly lady drinking tea and laughing with friends.

We are one of the very few care homes that have remained free of Covid-19.  We have achieved this by having in place a number of rigorous infection control procedures, which have helped to protect our residents and staff.

Be assured that you are in safe hands. 

We are currently taking on new clients.