Front of large residential home.

Does someone you love need help at home or care in a residential home?

We are a small, boutique organisation that has won a number of prestigious awards for the care we provide to elderly people. We offer residential care and day care within our beautiful care home. We also provide homecare to elderly people living in their own homes.

What makes us different

Our core belief is that elderly people need love and understanding. They have earned the right to be respected and valued.

What makes us different is that the owner, manager and staff members all work closely together on a daily basis. We involve our clients’ families in our decision-making process. By remaining small and close-knit, we are able to offer a genuinely compassionate and tailored service.

As an organisation, we believe that continual improvement is vital. We therefore invest significantly in technology, staff development and refurbishment.

Elderly people having Christmas dinner
Elderly lady blowing out a candle on a cake.

How we rate

We are rated by the Care Quality Commission as ‘Good’.

We are one of the very few care homes that have remained free of Covid-19.  We have achieved this by having in place a number of rigorous infection control procedures, which have helped to protect our residents and staff.

Be assured that you are in safe hands. 

We are currently taking on new clients.